Meet Caroline.

Associate Photographer, second shooter, assistant, and editor working with Elizabeth Baxter Photography since 2012. Four full wedding seasons, many business trips, countless events, thousands of beautiful photos, and many a challenge conquered.  No greater business decision have we made than to make her a prominent part of our endeavors and future vision. 

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Caroline offers so much to our team. As she is my sister and closest friend, there are countless things that I could say, but I’ll seek to keep it to the highlights. As several other accomplished photographers that she has worked with can attest — she is a natural creator and outstanding photographer. Professionally skilled on the technical side of picture-taking, her greatest strengths are her eye and ability to bring out the joy, comfort, and ease of those who stand in front of her camera. Each wedding, I am in love with the moments she’s caught and captured and the way she sees and captures light. A wedding does not go by where I don’t get multiple affirmations of how Caroline helped, engaged needs, and carried herself throughout the day. Having one of the most observant, efficient, problem-solving, funny, and kind people you’ll ever meet as a second photographer is not only a huge asset to myself and our business but an addition to your wedding day that I can guarantee you will be grateful for. When you hire Elizabeth Baxter Photography for your wedding you’re getting a team. We’re grateful that we work effortlessly together, knowing each other’s needs, staying out of each other’s camera frames, and avoiding potential crisis’ without skipping a beat. 

Due to high demand in our upcoming 2018/2019 seasons, we are also hiring Caroline out as lead photographer for various photo sessions. — 484-639-7148 —