Elizabeth Baxter

I am wife to Bill, mom to Jack, Will and Sam. In 2008, fresh out of high school I began this photography endeavor. With only a dream of where this love of photography, working with people and owning my own business would end up. On that path I met and married that sweet husband of mine, had some babies, traveled together, ate a lot of pizza, shot hundreds of weddings, events and lifestyle shoots, learned a lot, and have grown this business into a full-time family venture for which we are deeply grateful.


I am together with my people—whether it’s breakfast at our favorite market street grill, treasuring the joy of a day at The Magic Kingdom, all things Christmas, doing a little bit of gardening and feeling the satisfaction of making bruschetta from our very own tomatoes, doing a lot of life with our extended families, going out to eat or cozying up at the end of a day with a good drink and a movie. These are just snippets of life—but they build our joy and make our days a pleasure.

I find it so rewarding to jump into the lives of Brides and Grooms and their families and to get to know them through one of the most meaningful times of their lives. It would be so fun and a complete honor to be welcomed into your world. Click below to read more about me and the vision and heart behind what I do.

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